Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Tenth Doctor

The other day a friend of mine responded to my comment that I missed David Tennant as the tenth Doctor Who, saying that there was something very meta about that because I could be a doppelganger of David Tennant. However, after thinking about it some more I'm wondering if David Tennant might be my doppelganger. So much so that I've started searching my belongings for a pocketwatch engraved with Gallifrean symbols. Consider-- both Cycholibrarian and the tenth Doctor:

  • Are tall and skinny.
  • Have a tendency to run their hands wildly through their hair while thinking, and don't seem to care about the resulting mess.
  • Prefer to wear Chuck Taylor All-Stars (even with a suit).
  • Have a tendency to talk very quickly about things no one else understands.
  • Have been known to bellow "Allons-y!" and other non-English phrases for reasons only clear to themselves.
  • Have very expressive faces, especially when  grimacing about Very Important Things.
  • Move so fast that others frequently have trouble keeping up.
  • Surround themselves with beautiful and intelligent women, even if they can't have a relationship with them.
And if that wasn't enough, when in High School one of Cycholibrarian's nicknames was "Nick of Time"!

So please keep your eyes open for that pocketwatch... but whatever you do, don't open it!

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