Sunday, July 27, 2008

Top Ten

… signs that you may be Cycho.

10. You regularly show up at work with chain marks on your pants legs.

9. You look at the wind speed and direction before leaving home or office.

8. You get aggravated by red lights not because of the wait but because you lose momentum.

7. An average speed of 18 mph on a ride is frustratingly slow to you.

6. You can think of no better way to spend July in France than in a camper with satellite TV on top of a mountain.

5. You’re just as likely to have your head turned by a nice bike as a member of the opposite sex.

4. You’ll change in restrooms in order to ride to work and meetings.

3. When driving up a 10% grade you think, “This would be a great climb.”

2. You look at your 23x700c’s and think “My tires are too fat.”

And the number one sign that you may be Cycho…

1. “Man, if VdV hadn’t crashed on la Bonnette he would’ve had a chance” actually means something to you.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Warning for the "Clinton Voters for McCain"

For those out there who for some inexplicable reason think that it will be better to switch their vote from Clinton in the primaries to McCain in the general, here's another reason not to:

Note that while McCain may have a legitimate complaint in saying that he doesn't remember the vote and will have to look up the background on it (that is, maybe he had to oppose it for reasons other than this specific issue), that isn't what the reporter is asking. She asks if it's fair that some insurance companies cover Viagra and not birth control.

How hard is it to say "No, it's not fair" unless you're in the pocket of the big insurance companies? Not to mention the fact that he obviously doesn't recognize the tacit misogyny of the difference; namely that it's okay for old men to fuck around all they want, but women can't unless they want to risk an unwanted pregnancy.

If you were a supporter of Clinton, especially a female supporter, and are now supporting McCain, you may want to ask yourself if he's really on your side.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bush is a Secret Terrorist!

As evidenced by his exchange of the "Terrorist Fist Bump" with what is clearly a foreign agent in the pay of Al Qaeda!